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Is your HVAC equipment getting corroded?

Elite Heating and Air, Inc. can help your HVAC equipment avoid corrosion. We understand that your HVAC equipment is exposed to very harsh and demanding environments. Let us take care of these concerns with Bronz-Glow coating solutions for you.

  • Proprietary coil and cabinet coatings are single-component products

  • Give you complete pH Range (1.0 to 14.0) protection

  • Special coil coatings also have less than ½ % effect on heat transfer

  • Exhibits extraordinary tensile strength and flexibility

  • Coating materials that do not crack, chip, powder or flake

  • Can be easily repaired with an aerosol application if damaged or abraded


Features of Bronz-Glow coatings

Our Bronz-Glow coatings can help you with the protection from corrosion you need. Elite Heating and Air is proud to be a certified applicator of Bronz-Glow coatings.


Contact our in-house Bronz-Glow Representative

Protect your heating and air equipment

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Bronz-Glow Representative today for protective coatings at


Enjoy a 3-year coil recoating warranty on using our Bronz-Glow coatings.

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today at 701-591-1400 for cost-effective and timely coating solutions. Rely on us to increase the longevity of your HVAC equipment.

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